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Here at Reveal.co.uk, our philosophy is: talk with the readers, not at them. We want to encourage young women to share their opinions on anything and everything showbiz, fashion, beauty or real life that is hot right now!

We love bringing you the latest celebrity gossip and pictures from the UK and US. We adore celebrities and reality TV so if you want a daily dose of TOWIE, Made In Chelsea, Geordie Shore or The Kardashians to name a few, we are your first stop!

And if you want your celeb news delivered with a fun, warm, conversational style, then that's us! We're all super nice here at Reveal.co.uk and really don't like being mean so you'll find all our content is rather lovely!

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Want to know who we are? Oh, go on then!

Web Editor: Lara Martin

"Hi! Before this I worked over with our lovely colleagues at Digital Spy where I was US News Editor. As such, I know way too much about the Kardashians. Way, way too much. Seriously. Ask me anything. Oh, and I actually do love TOWIE. Not just because I write about it every day! But because I genuinely do love watching it! #notashamed."

Deputy Web Editor: Katie Storey

"I'm a lover of to-do lists, I have an unhealthy addiction to all things chocolate and I'll happily admit reality TV is my not-so-guilty pleasure (TOWIE, MIC, Geordie Shore, Ex On The Beach – you name it, I'll watch it). When I'm not scrolling through celebs' Twitter and Instagram feeds for Reveal, I'm probably either sleeping, spending way too much money than I should or watching Bridget Jones on repeat!"

Acting Deputy Web Editor: Olivia Heath
Twitter: @Liv_Heath

"I joined Reveal in October 2012 writing about all things showbiz and entertainment. I watch way too much TV - soaps, reality shows and American dramas have got my name written all over it. In an ideal world, EastEnders' Tiffany Mitchell would never have been killed off, Francis Boulle would be back on Made In Chelsea, and Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf would have their own Gossip Girl spin-off! One can dream..."

Junior Fashion and Beauty Writer: Jacqueline Kilikita

"Before I landed my (totally amazing) job at Reveal I was just a little intern at celebrity obsessed new! and Star magazines, then jumped ship to Stylist where I manned the DREAMY beauty cupboard. I'm a self confessed make-up addict, serial shopper and Kim Kardashian fanatic. Can I just be her already?"

Celebrity Evening Writer: Natasha Rigler

"After starting out as a hard-nosed news journalist, I soon accepted I wasn't going to be the next Kate Aide and landed a job on Reveal magazine's showbiz desk. Several years and many champagne glasses later, I switched from print to digital and helped launch the fabulous Reveal.co.uk! I've been lucky enough to rub shoulders with some big names over the years, including David Beckham and Michael Bublè (who actually sang to me...eep!), but one Reveal highlight was a lunch date with Brody Jenner. This was long before his links with the Kardashian clan were considered important (they TOTALLY are now, obvs), and he was famed at the time for being in my ultimate, favourite-ever reality show The Hills. Brody was ever the gent...and kept his sunglasses on throughout our entire meal INSIDE the May Fair Hotel #truestory."

Freelance Beauty Writer: Georgia Goodall
Twitter: @GeorgiaBeautyEd

"Hey (sorry, I live in the States, that's how we roll over here!), you might remember me as Beauty Director of Reveal magazine where I furnished you with fabulous hair and beauty features for (ahem) almost ten years. Well, now I write for the web only, because commuting from San Francisco to London every day is just plain stupid. I love perfume, lipstick, tinted moisturiser and any celebrity who isn't afraid to experiment with their looks because, quite honestly, if they didn't, I'd be out of a job."

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